Tuesday, May  30th  2023  23 :06:32

Yarden Engineering performs its activities according to certifications held in the following areas:

  • Design and execution of internal electrical installations for civil and industrial buildings with a nominal voltage of 0.4 KV;
  • Execution of power lines, aerial or underground, with a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV - 20 KV and voltage transformers with a maximum voltage of 20KV;
  • Aerial and underground electrical connections with 0.4 KV voltage;
  • Execution and repair of lightning rods and earthing systems;
  • Maintenance works for electrical installations of 0,4 KV – 20 KV;
  • Capacitors;
  • Electric generators and UPS;
  • Measurement of insulation resistance and continuity of circuits;
  • Checkups, electrical measurements and issuing of PRAM certifications for earthing systems;
  • Continuity of earthing;
  • Checking and testing of equipment;
  • systems with automatic switch-on of the back-up and electrical automation;
  • Preparing, filing and obtaining technical support documentation: technical approval of connection, site approvals, building permits;
  • Troubleshooting and setting up electrical installations;
  • Complete services in the field of green energy;
  • Execution of heating, plumbing, water and sewage works.